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Train & Tram Information
Page updated: 12:11am
Some services delayed by up to 11 minutes

First train from Piccadilly:  05:52
First train from Hadfield:  05:45

00:01 Piccadilly to Glossop: 11 min delay

Manchester Metrolink - OK
Sheffield Supertram - OK


00:01 Manchester Piccadilly to Glossop 00:01 Manchester Piccadilly to Glossop
00:01 Manchester Piccadilly to Glossop 11 min delay
Piccadilly00:01 arr00:12
This service is more likely to be delayed than others

Piccadilly Announcements Board
Trains between Newport and Abergavenny may be cancelled or delayed by up to 20 minutes.


95.09% of trains on our line run on time

Worst services for cancellations (5)

M-F 07:21 Glossop to Piccadilly (x11)
M-F 08:04 Glossop to Piccadilly (x10)
M-F 19:10 Hadfield to Piccadilly (x9)
M-F 21:10 Hadfield to Piccadilly (x8)
M-F 06:47 Piccadilly to Glossop (x8)
M-F 20:10 Hadfield to Piccadilly (x7)
M-F 07:08 Hadfield to Piccadilly (x7)
M-F 05:45 Hadfield to Piccadilly (x6)
M-F 08:17 Glossop to Piccadilly (x6)
M-F 15:10 Hadfield to Piccadilly (x6)

Worst services for delays (1) (5)

M-F 23:29 Piccadilly to Glossop (x14)
M-F 18:05 Piccadilly to Hadfield (x13)
M-F 21:10 Hadfield to Piccadilly (x12)
M-F 07:26 Piccadilly to Glossop (x12)
M-F 16:10 Hadfield to Piccadilly (x11)
M-F 00:01 Piccadilly to Glossop (x11)
M-F 22:40 Hadfield to Piccadilly (x11)
M-F 18:49 Dinting to Piccadilly (x11)
M-F 09:10 Hadfield to Piccadilly (x10)
M-F 20:40 Hadfield to Piccadilly (x10)


Trains Today
Timetabled Departures 0
Ran to Timetable (1) 0
Overall Reliability (2)N/A
Trains Cancelled 0
Trains Disrupted (3) 0
Trains Delayed (1)0

Trains This Week
Timetabled Departures 162
Ran to Timetable (1) 140
Overall Reliability (2)86.42%
Trains Cancelled 9 - 5.56%
Trains Disrupted (3) 0
Trains Delayed (1)13 - 8.02%
Average Delay (4)8 min
Longest Delay 11 min

Trains This Month
Timetabled Departures 1397
Ran to Timetable (1) 1242
Overall Reliability (2)88.90%
Trains Cancelled 73 - 5.23%
Trains Disrupted (3) 15 - 1.07%
Trains Delayed (1)67 - 4.80%
Average Delay (4)10 min
Longest Delay 30 min

Last 12 Months
Timetabled Departures 25418
Ran to Timetable (1) 24171
Overall Reliability (2)95.09%
Trains Cancelled 483 - 1.90%
Trains Disrupted (3) 97 - 0.38%
Trains Delayed (1)667 - 2.62%
Average Delay (4)9 min
Longest Delay 61 min

(1) Trains delayed by fewer than 5 minutes are considered on time
(2) Trains that ran on time
(3) Trains that did not call at all stations as planned
(4) Average delay for all trains delayed by over 5 minutes
(5) Since the new timetable on 19 May 2019

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Train Delays and Cancellations
National Rail Enquiries
Glossop Online constantly monitors data from National Rail Enquiries about our trains on the Piccadilly-Hadfield line

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Trains on our branch line are operated by Northern Rail. Further details on their website

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Summer Timetable
from 19th May 2019 to 14th Dec 2019

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