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A57 Snake Pass

Live Traffic and Weather


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A57 Snake Pass
Updated: 6:26am
Last Winter
Closed: 3.09%
Open: 96.91%

Snake Pass Open

Low Cloud

On Pass Traffic
No Reports

Through Traffic M60-A61
Minor Westbound Delays

M67 EB due to close 8:00pm

M60 & M56 to Airport
No Reports

The pass is open, but take account of the weather. Please take care and have a safe journey this morning

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Adverse Weather Now

Until ≈ noon

Based on Met Office, Highways and independent weather stations located at Ashopton, Bamford, Bleaklow, Summit @ 5:59am

Today's Pass Forecast

3:56am An improving day with early showers decaying by late morning with bright spells upgrading to prolonged periods of autumnal sunshine for the afternoon. Dry with clear spells during the evening.


Traffic towards Manchester
Sheffield Ring Rd to M60

Minor Westbound Delays
1 hour 25 minutes
66% v Usual Delays

Travel times at 6:17am. Delays compared with average for this time of day on a Monday morning

A57 Sheffield
Snake Pass
Woolley Bridge
M67 Motorway

Traffic towards Sheffield
M60 to Sheffield Ring Rd

No Eastbound Delays


Reports that may result in extra traffic on the pass or influence your onward journey

Matches & Events Today

Bramall Lane & Pontefract Racecourse

Evening & Overnight Travel

M6, A628, M18, M621, M602, M1, M62, M67, M56 closures from 8:00pm


Snake or Woodhead?

The Snake Pass accident rate is 1.68 times higher than the Woodhead Pass

Dangerous Overtaking

Many of the 22 serious accidents on the pass in the last 12 months were caused by inappropriate overtaking

Remember, if you have to drive all thirteen miles of the pass at just 30mph, the most this will delay you by is around seven minutes

Safety Cameras

The speed limit on the pass is 50mph

Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership mobile speed cameras will be on the pass on random days until 23rd October

Sheep & Deer on the Pass

As with all rural roads through open countryside, expect sheep, deer and other wild animals to be on the pass

Deer-related vehicle accidents peak at this time of year, during the rutting season. Deer are more likely to be encountered around dawn and after nightfall, particularly along wooded stretches of the pass on the Sheffield side

Sheep must be expected at any time of the year

Accidents involving sheep are covered by s170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and must be reported to the Police

Report an injured animal to the police, who will contact the local person best able to help at the roadside. Do not approach injured animals as they may be dangerous. Nearby animals may also try to protect an injured member of their group

Dead animals on the the pass should be reported to HPBC on 01298 28400, or the Police on 101 if they pose a danger to traffic

Good to Know

Planned Trunk Closures

A628 8pm Mon 21 Oct
M67 EB 8pm Mon 21 Oct
M67 WB 10pm Tue 22 Oct
M62 WB 8pm Mon 21 Oct
M62 EB 8pm Mon 21 Oct

Road Policing

Policing the pass is the responsibility of Derbyshire Constabulary, who may be contacted on 101 (or 999 in an emergency)

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Individual Reports

A57 Snake Pass
Glossop to Ladybower

Manchester Connectors

A57 Glossop & Mottram, M67 Hyde & Denton, B6105 Torside, A624 Chunal & Peep o'Day
No reports

Yorkshire Connectors

A57 Sheffield, A6101 Rivelin Valley, A6013 Bamford, A6187 Castleton & Hathersage
No reports

Historical Data

Serious Accidents

There have been 22 serious accidents on the pass in the last 12 months, on average one every 16 days

The last reported accident was 23 days ago

In the past year the pass has closed on 4 occasions due to accidents

Last Closure

The pass was last closed to traffic on Tuesday 30th July


First Winter Snow: Tue 20 Nov 2018
Last Winter Snow: Fri 10 May 2019

First Winter Ice: Tue 20 Nov 2018
Last Winter Ice: Fri 10 May 2019


Pass last gritted: Sat 04 May 2019

Snow Closures

Over the winter (Nov 18 - Mar 19) the pass has been closed on 6 occasions for a total of 116 hours due to snow. It has therefore been kept open to traffic for 96.91% of the time

Fri 18 Jan 18:42 (14 hours)
Tue 22 Jan 01:58 (33 hours)
Tue 29 Jan 14:05 (46 hours)
Wed 07 Feb 09:25 (5 hours)
Sun 10 Mar 21:25 (14 hours)
Tue 12 Mar 11:03 (4 hours)

E&OE: We compile these reports from live data automatically received from various organisations such as Elgin, TfGM, Highways England, motoring organisations, Local Authorities, the Met Office & the Police. We are unable to verify the accuracy or timeliness of any third party data or absence thereof. This site is, therefore, for information only

About this Page

The Pass

The Snake Pass is a hill pass in the Derbyshire section of the Peak District, crossing the Pennines between Manchester and Sheffield

For the purposes or reports on this page, we define the Pass as the section of road between the Royal Oak Inn at Glossop and the Ladybower Reservoir at Ashopton

Always referred to as the Snake Pass, its official name is Snake Road

Snake Pass from Glossop to LadybowerSnake Pass from Glossop to Ladybower


The pass is used to cross the pennines by - on average - 3984 vehicles per day, 135 of which are HGVs [2017]


There is no weight restriction for vehicles, but there is a speed restriction of 50mph between Glossop and Ladybower

A section of the pass alongside Ladybower Reservoir is a clearway

How this page works

Our systems receive live data from various sources about any accidents, roadworks or other disruption throughout the region. This information is processed in real time and relevant information updated on the page every couple of minutes

The page is fully automated. We don't stand around with a clipboard waiting for something to happen, but we are usually available to respond to traffic reports direct from drivers on the pass


The pass rises to nearly 1700ft at its exposed summit, so it's frequently affected by snow and ice in winter, fog and strong winds all year round

Because travel over the pass is so weather dependent, we take live reports from multiple sources to update drivers about conditions now and in the future

We combine data from the Met Office, highways sensors and independent weather stations, all between Manchester & Sheffield, to keep our pages automatically updated

It is acknowledged that using worst-case scenarios can over-emphasise poor weather, but we feel the advantages of using so many data sources outweigh the occasional exaggeration of current weather conditions

Winter Closures

The Snake Pass has a reputation for closing at first sight of a single snowflake, but this is a complete fallacy

Admittedly, it may seem strange that the pass is closed when both Glossop and Ladybower are basking in winter sunshine. However, conditions on the pass can be completely different just a few hundred feet higher on the exposed, steep & winding sections over the summit

Additionally, as a named transpennine 'A' road, closures are always reported on TV, radio & in the press, while other local closures usually go un-reported

In our experience the pass is rarely closed due to snow until significant difficulties arise and vehicles crash, become stranded or are abandoned

In 2017/18 the pass was closed on fourteen occasions but kept open for over 89% of the winter

In 2018/19 is was closed six times but kept open for nearly 97% of the winter

The pass does close in winter, but not as often as is thought
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