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A57 Snake Pass

Live traffic conditions now on the A57 Snake Pass


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Snake Pass
Page updated: 4:38pm

Snake Pass Open

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Through Traffic: Delays

The pass is open, but please see reports below which may affect travel this afternoon

Please take care and have a safe journey

If you spot something not yet shown here, please let us know

Send us an Update

Please contact us if you find this Border Collie, lost on the pass near Ladybower Reservoir yesterday


Through Traffic Westbound
Delays: Glossop, Brookfield, Woolley Bridge
Glossop > Denton: 39 min
Through Traffic Eastbound
Delays: M67, Mottram, Woolley Bridge, Brookfield, Glossop
Denton > Glossop: 55 min

Sunny this afternoon
Temperature now ≈ 6°c
Latest wind gusts 40 mph

Adverse Weather Forecast

WINTRY SHOWERS from ≈ 9pm tomorrow
SNOW from ≈ 3am on Tuesday
ICE RISK from ≈ 9pm tomorrow
STRONG WINDS (≈ 47 mph) from ≈ 6pm today
FOG/LOW CLOUD from ≈ 3am tomorrow

Met Office Forecast @ 3:56pm, approximate timings

Today's Pass Forecast

3:47am Chilly at first with any patchy mist, fog, and low cloud clearing in the morning to leave a dry day with largely unbroken sunshine. Remaining dry and mostly clear through evening with patchy fog developing in the valleys and on lower slopes again.

Reports that may result in extra traffic on the pass or influence your onward journey

Evening & Overnight Travel

M1, M60 closures scheduled from 9:00pm

Sheep & Deer on the Pass

As with all rural roads through open countryside, expect sheep, deer and other wild animals to be on the pass

Accidents involving sheep are covered by s170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and must be reported to the Police

Dead animals on the Snake should be reported to HPBC on 01298 28400, or the Police on 101 if a danger to traffic

Controlled Burning

Expect to see moorland burning until the controlled burning season ends on 15th April

Detailed Reports

Manchester Connectors

Yorkshire Connectors

Further Afield

DVSA/VOSA Vehicle Checks
13:46 M6 Todhills
09:28 A1(M) Boston Spa

Historical Data

Serious Accidents

There have been 19 serious accidents on the pass in the last 12 months, on average one every 19 days. The last reported accident was 6 days ago

Last Incident on Tue 13 Nov

Fuel Spillage
A57 Snake Pass, Derbyshire
8:49am 13-Nov - 12:07pm 13-Nov
Fuel spillage on A57 Snake Pass eastbound, coming downhill and on the sharp right hand bend near the car park a mile or so after the summit heading towards Sheffield

Winter Maintenance

Pass last gritted at 10:00pm on Thu 01 Nov 2018

Snow Closures Winter 18/19

This winter (Nov-Mar) the pass has been closed for 0 hours due to snow. It has been kept open to traffic for 100% of the time

Snow Closures Winter 17/18

Last winter (Nov-Mar) the pass was closed for 398 hours due to snow. It was been kept open to traffic for 89.02% of the time

Sat 25 Nov 08:54 (6 hours)
Fri 08 Dec 00:35 (17 hours)
Wed 13 Dec 21:33 (3 hours)
Thu 14 Dec 23:00 (13 hours)
Fri 29 Dec 06:11 (15 hours)
Tue 16 Jan 04:11 (4 days)
Fri 19 Jan 05:01 (10 hours)
Sun 21 Jan 11:52 (3 hours)
Thu 01 Feb 06:40 (1 hour)
Sun 11 Feb 12:05 (26 hours)
Tue 27 Feb 06.30 (6 days)
Sat 17 Mar 00.21 (5 hours)
Sat 17 Mar 10.27 (54 hours)
Mon 02 Apr 07.09 (9 hours)

E&OE: We compile these reports from live data automatically received from various organisations such as Elgin, TfGM, Highways England, motoring organisations, Local Authorities, the Met Office & the Police. We are unable to verify the accuracy or timeliness of any third party data or absence thereof. This site is, therefore, for information only

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About this Page

This page is part of Glossop Online's Traffic Section. It provides up to the minute information for anyone planning a journey over the A57 Snake Pass

The Pass: The Snake Pass is a hill pass in the Derbyshire section of the Peak District, crossing the Pennines between Manchester and Sheffield. For our purposes, we define the Pass as the section of road between the Royal Oak Inn at Glossop and the Ladybower Reservoir at Ashopton

Use: The pass is used to cross the pennines by - on average - 3984 vehicles per day, 135 of which are HGVs [2017]

Restrictions: There is no weight restriction for vehicles, but here is a speed restriction of 50mph between Glossop and Ladybower

Snake Pass from Glossop to Ladybower
Snake Pass from Glossop to Ladybower

How this page works: Our servers receive live data from various sources about any accidents, roadworks or other disruption throughout the region. This information is processed in real time and relevant reports sent to this page every minute. The page is fully automated - we don't stand around with a clipboard waiting for something to happen! Incidents, accidents and road closures rely on the Police, highways & local authorities reporting these in a timely manner. That said, experience shows most reports come through within just a few minutes

Bad Weather: The pass rises to nearly 1700ft at its exposed summit. It can frequently be affected by ice, snow, fog and strong winds

The pass is frequently closed in winter

When appropriate, we include severe weather warnings on this page and live adverse weather data from nearby weather stations. For advance planning, we also include details of any poor weather over the next few days when this is forecast by the Met Office Mountain Weather Service

We hope you find this page useful. Remember, you can get also get live updates on our Twitter feed and Facebook page

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Have a safe journey

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