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Weather Forecast

Weather for Glossop and the surrounding area

NW Text Forecast @ 4:00am

Dry with sunny spells and a few showers.


Morning fog patches will give way to plenty of sunshine. Then a largely dry day across the region, though some isolated showers are possible. Light winds throughout. Feeling warm in the sunshine. Maximum Temperature 16C


Staying dry in most areas during the evening and overnight, with some long clear spells before becoming cloudier near dawn. Becoming breezier later in the night. Minimum Temperature 8C


A band of rain, heavy at times, will move east across all parts, with showers to end the day. Maximum Temperature 16C

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday

Sunny spells and scattered showers on Thursday. Largely dry with further spells of sunshine and strengthening winds on Friday.Wet, windy and chilly on Saturday.

UK Outlook
Saturday 3 Oct 2020 to Monday 12 Oct 2020

An unsettled period, with plenty of showers and some occasional longer spells of rain across much of the country, the heaviest and most widespread areas likely in the west or northwest, and only limited drier interludes. Often windy, with a risk of gales at times (potentially severe), particularly around coastal regions and within areas of more significant rainfall. With time, northern parts of the UK may tend to become drier and more settled overall, with low pressure systems tending to track further south. Feeling cold, especially so where there is persistent rain and strong winds. Frost is possible at night in any calmer period, becoming increasingly likely for the northern half of the UK later in this period.

UK Outlook
Tuesday 13 Oct 2020 to Tuesday 27 Oct 2020

A potential change in the weather is signalled around the middle of October. Whilst further rain and strong winds are likely at times, spells of fine and dry weather could become more widespread and long-lived. At night, these calmer conditions would allow frost and fog to form more readily. At this time of year, there is potential for fog to linger well into the daytime. Overall, temperatures probably recovering close to the seasonal average for mid-October.

Mountain Forecast @ 3:33am

Damp first thing, but soon brightening up to sunny spells.

BlizzardsNo Likelihood
Heavy SnowNo Likelihood
Storm Force WindsNo Likelihood
GalesNo Likelihood
Severe Wind ChillNo Likelihood
Poor VisibilityLow Likelihood
ThunderstormsNo Likelihood
Persistent Heavy Rain No Likelihood
Strong SunlightLow Likelihood

Mountain Forecast

3:33am Rather cloudy and damp overnight, however the rain should have ceased by daybreak, with cloud breaking and lifting clear of the peaks, soonest in the west. Fine by day, with fair weather cloud developing in sunny spells, with a pleasant feel in sunshine given the light wind. Becoming cloudier from the west during the evening, with temperatures dropping quickly in the valleys.

Local Weather Stations

Glossop Observations at 9:15am
Contributing Stations: 6

Temperature Range: 5 / 13 °c
Humidity: 99 %
Wind Speed: 0 mph
Gust Speed: 0 mph
Wind Direction: 315
Dewpoint: 5 °c
Hourly Rainfall: 0.00 mm
Sunrise: 07:11
Sunset: 18:43
UV index: 1.0
Solar Radiation: 54.8 W/sqm

Penistone Observations at 9:15am
Contributing Stations: 14

Temperature Range: 5 / 22 °c
Humidity: 100 %
Wind Speed: 0 mph
Gust Speed: 2 mph
Wind Direction: 315
Dewpoint: -20 °c
Hourly Rainfall: 0.00 mm
Sunrise: 07:11
Sunset: 18:43
UV index: 2.0
Solar Radiation: 114.0 W/sqm

Bamford Observations at 9:15am
Contributing Stations: 11

Temperature Range: 5 / 17 °c
Humidity: 99 %
Wind Speed: 1 mph
Gust Speed: 1 mph
Wind Direction: 166
Dewpoint: 1 °c
Hourly Rainfall: 0.00 mm
Sunrise: 07:11
Sunset: 18:43
UV index: 1.0
Solar Radiation: 152.7 W/sqm