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Flood Warnings

Flood Warnings for Glossop and the surrounding area

Flood Warnings
Updated: 7:42pm


This information is based on data received from the Environment Agency a few minutes ago at 7:42pm

The last flood warning we reported, in the River Mersey uplands catchment area, ended at 3:54pm on Wed 11 Mar 2020

Upper Mersey Catchment
No warnings
Covering River Mersey uplands catchment including Hyde, Ashton-under-Lyne, Denton, Stalybridge and Glossop
No warnings
Covering properties alongside Long Clough Brook from Charlestown, and Glossop Brook from Hope Street and Old Cross to Brookfield along High Street West, including Glossop and Dinting Vale
No warnings
Covering properties adjacent to the River Etherow at Woolley Bridge from the Industrial Estate to the A57 at Potters Road
No warnings
Covering properties adjacent to the River Etherow at Woolley Bridge from Melandra Castle to Bankwood Mill, including the Sewage Works and Poultry Houses
No warnings
Covering properties at Lymefield in Broadbottom

River Levels
Updated: 7:38pm


Data received from the Environment Agency a few minutes ago at 7:38pm, although it may be longer since they last checked each individual monitoring station. See below for full details

High Street West

Level: 0.111m
Direction: Rising

Percentage: 18%

Flood Level: 0.60m
Last Measured: 15:00 Fri
Last Alert: 07:52 23-Feb-20

Woolley Bridge

Level: 0.39m
Direction: Rising

Percentage: 23%

Flood Level: 1.650m
Last Measured: 19:15 Fri
Last Alert: 21:32 16-Mar-19

For interest only ...
Torside Reservoir
Last Measured: 15:00 Fri
Level: -0.683
Direction: Rising

Average: -0.707
Bottoms Reservoir
Last Measured: 19:15 Fri
Level: 0.073
Direction: Falling

Average: -0.341

Flood Warnings
Environment Agency Logo Parts of the Glossopdale valley have, over the years, experienced significant flooding problems. This page is intended to keep you fully informed as and when problems arise

Flood management is the responsibility of the Environment Agency (EA). They have identified a number of distinct areas in our valley which are prone to flooding. We include flood risks at Broadbottom on this page because, well, we like them!

The EA also have a number of monitoring stations which check river levels, one at Woolley Bridge and one at Glossop Brook, near Tesco

This Page

Flood Warning and River Level data is freely available, but can be difficult to find. The aim of this page is to bring everything together in one place to keep the good folk of Glossopdale fully informed when anything happens. Here's how we do it ...

We receive live data from the EA every few minutes about any new flood warnings and latest river levels. This data is stored, processed and displayed on this page in real time. The data refreshes every 60 seconds

Flood Warnings

Whenever a flood warning is issued for our area posts are automatically made to our Twitter & Facebook pages, links to which are at the top of this page. Follow or like the feeds to stay right up to date. The system posts new warnings, all changes & eventual cancellations - usually within a minute or so of receipt

River Levels

The EA do not issue river level warnings, but Glossop Online does. We have configured our system to issue alerts on our Twitter and Facebook pages whenever at risk rivers reach 90% of the level at which flooding may occur. Further posts are made if the levels increase, until the alert is cancelled when our rivers return to safe levels

Under normal circumstances river levels are measured twice a day, but this dynamically increases when levels are higher than normal - or the risk is increased during adverse weather. During incidents our alert updates can fire - annoyingly - every few minutes, but we think is better than limiting posts in these circumstances

Why Flood Warnings AND River Levels?

Lying just to the west of the Pennines, with most of our weather coming from the west, our valley gets more heavy rain than the average. The water falls instead of going over the hills. That's why the reservoirs were built in Longdendale ... we get the rain!

All this water needs somewhere to go, but as we are in a valley this makes us more prone to flash flooding when we experience significant rainfall. The level of our rivers is usually the first indicator that something is going wrong

November 2016

During the flooding this November, a flood warning was issued only for Broadbottom and then several hours after flooding had occurred. This is why we post alerts for river levels

On the 21st November our system first posted river levels of 91% for High Street West at 3:00pm - two hours before rivers started overflowing. Even though levels reached 306%, no flood warnings were issued for Glossopdale by the EA. Our posts reached over 17000 people on that day, which we hope helped

Further details about flood warnings may be found at the Environment Agency's website

Environment Agency