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FAQs and Recent Updates

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We've updated our about page. Follow the link to find out what we're about and why we're here


23rd May Peak District Car Parks

As lockdown eases and visitors to the area increase, we've added the status of the main Peak District car parks to our traffic pages. Data comes from Park Rangers patrolling the area and may not be available all the time

19th May Glossop Tip (Recycling Centre)

In response to many enquiries about queues for the recycling centre on Melandra Road and Brookfield, latest waiting time info from DCC is now included on our main traffic page

2nd Apr Update

We've managed to restore limited traffic congestion data for the slog summary and through travel congestion, but travel times are still proving unreliable so aren't being shown at the moment

Roadwork highlights are not being shown as the data is also proving unreliable. Where known roadworks are resulting in significant problems, these will be reported separately

28th Mar Reduced Traffic Data

Vastly reduced traffic levels mean some of our data is proving unreliable. We're not able to show accurate congestion and roadworks data at the present time

17th Mar Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This morning we've added links to the latest national advice regarding Coronavirus. We are only using Government data from an official Government data feed. We'll highlight any changes throughout the day as and when they occur

10th Mar Slog Tweets

You'll all be aware of the long standing issues travelling in and out of Glossop via Hollingworth and Mottram. It's not the only route in and out of the town, but as the main bottleneck it naturally features high up on our traffic pages

Unless affected by something specific, we only tweet about this route twice a day: when outbound traffic starts to build in the morning, inbound in the afternoon. If we tweeted every report about the route we would probably break Twitter!

Slog tweets trigger automatically when Highways England sensors first report delays of over ten minutes on the route. They are sent purely as a reminder to check our page if you intend using the route later in the day

5th Mar Hyde Road Gorton Road Widening

During the year long work to widen the A57 Hyde Road between Reddish Bridge and Gorton, we've added a dot to our slog traffic flow indicators. We've also added live journey times between Denton Island and the Apollo, courtesy of TfGM. Hope this helps?

1st Mar Strong Wind Restrictions

Speed restrictions and/or closures of the A628 are set by Highways England. We only report these when they are in operation

Before complaining that the winds are not as strong as reported, please remember that gusts are intermittent and a period of time without hazardous gusts must occur before any restrictions are lifted

1st Mar Winter Weather Terms Explained

We often get asked the difference between the terms Hazardous/Difficult, etc, when describing adverse weather conditions

We use a sliding scale to headline how the weather is affecting a particular road. Various sources are used, but we mainly rely on reports from drivers submitted through this site. In brief ...

Setting a heading will always be a subjective process. Whenever multiple reports are received they can often be contradictory. We usually go with the majority, or with those we know to be particularly reliable. Occasionally we get it wrong ... sorry

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