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About Glossop Online

Who we are, what we do, and why!

Glossop Online

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About Us

Glossop Online is published by BranchWeb. We use the site to support our main work developing automated data collection, collation and presentation systems

We're Glossop Online because we're based in Glossop

Launched in early 2016, the site was originally set up as a guinea pig to develop our skills working on live platforms. It was never intended to be a popular website but - with several million visitors each year - it quickly became a project in its own right

Glossop Online is, for the vast majority of the time, a fully automated website. We currently receive live data from over fifty sources. Data is processed in the background and included on our various web pages automatically. We routinely tweak our back end processes to (hopefully) improve the accuracy and relevance of the information shown on our site

We recognise that the site has become a valued community resource, particularly for those of you seeking up to date traffic information. In response, we've developed a number of systems to augment our pages with reports directly from site visitors or highlighted on various social media feeds. We don't have the resources to continually man the site, but we do try to have a member of our team available to report anything occurring that is out of the ordinary

Please remember that Glossop Online is NOT a commercial venture. Advertising revenue doesn't even cover the cost of our servers, let alone any staff time. We do our best, but can't get it right all the time

Thanks for taking an interest

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