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TrafficNothing major to report at the moment, but check out reports re: M62, A676, A635, A560, A626, A6010, A662, A57, A576, M60, A61, A616

We motitor traffic reports from a variety of sources and show those most relevant to Glossop here. The need to know box shows new/ongoing incidents in the Glossopdale area, alongside major roads in and out of the valley (towards Stockport, Denton, Ashton, over Woodhead, the Snake and Chunal, etc. The good to know box shows more long term disruption on similar routes
TrainsGood ServiceHadfield ► Manchester: 11:40Glossop ► Manchester: 11:45Dinting ► Manchester: 11:51Manchester ► Hadfield: 11:59Metrolink OK - Supertram OK

We monitor information from National Rail Enquiries about all train delays and cancellations on the Hadfield-Piccadilly Line in our area
Weather ForecastCloud and outbreaks of locally heavy rain will spread northeast across all parts during the morning. Brighter conditions ... (more)
Police/CrimeLatest news and appealsFurther man is arrested in connection with Chesterfield murder inquiry

We monitor information from Derbyshire Constabulary about incidents in the Glossop area
Food HygieneBrowse the current Food Hygiene Ratings for all 249 establishments in our area ► New: 1 ► Updated: 1

We monitor all Food Hygiene Ratings for establishments in the Glossop area
AirportsTravel Reports: 1

We monitor information about major disruption to airports in our region
Weather WarningsNo Weather Warnings

As we are on the boundary of several weather warning areas we combine Met Office Weather Warnings for Derbyshire, Greater Manchester, East Cheshire, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire
FloodsNo current flood warnings or alerts

We monitor flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency which may affect us here in Glossopdale. There are three flood risk areas in Glossopdale, adjacent to Glossop Brook between Old Glossop & Brookfield, Long Clough Brook between Charlestown & Dinting, and Woolley Bridge including parts of Hollingworth, Brookfield and Melandra. We also cober the flood area at Lymefield in Broadbottom ... because we care!
River LevelsWoolley Bridge 0.266m (16% Falling)High Street West 0.045m (7% Static)on Friday at 4:45am GMT

We motitor river level data from the Environment Agency at Woolley Bridge and High Street West, as well as a couple of sites at Bottoms and Torside Reservoirs