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A628 Woodhead Pass

Live traffic conditions now on the A628 Woodhead Pass

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Woodhead Pass Live
Page updated: 6:02pm
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Very Difficult Conditions

5:59pm: Reports now of very difficult conditions, stranded vehicles and accidents on the pass, due to snow, strong winds and poor visibility. Affecting the whole length of the pass, but particularly bad between the summit and Flouch, near the Dog & Partridge

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Ice/Skid Risk

Wintry above ≈ 100m (320ft)

Widespread ICE/SKID RISK
VERY LOW Road Surface Temp: –8.2°c falling
Air Temp: ≈ –6°c
Summit v Town: ≈ 6°c colder
Temperatures (RST) on the pass are not expected to rise above zero until at least Tuesday

STRONG WINDS Gusts > 48 mph
Expected until ≈ 3pm on Monday

Based on Met Office & Highways weather stations at Woodhead, Bleaklow, Saltersbrook, Windle Edge @ 5:44pm

NB: The road surface temperature will generally be a few degrees colder than the air temperature shown on your dashboard or broadcast in weather forecasts

Gritting Completed
Started: 8:15am
Completed: 11:50am

Gritting does not clear snow or guarantee there is no ice on the pass
Secondary treatments are continuing

Westbound to Manchester
Minor Delays around Tankersley, Stocksbridge
M1 to M60: 55 min
Eastbound to Sheffield
Minor Delays around M67, Tankersley
M60 to M1: 57 min

Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership
Speed camera vans may be on Manchester Road, Tintwistle, on random days until 28th March

Deep Pot Holes
Many deep and damaging pot holes have developed along the whole length of the pass following the recent bad weather

Controlled Burning Season
Expect to see controlled moorland burning until the prescribed burning season ends on 15th April. Do not dial 999. If concerned, please contact Derbyshire Fire (01773 305 305) or South Yorkshire Fire (0114 272 7202)

So far (Nov-Mar) the pass has been closed for 81 hours due to snow. It has been kept open to traffic for 97.76% of the winter

Think Bike!
3 serious bike accidents on pennine routes in the past week

Regional Traffic

Glossop Traffic

Snake Pass Traffic

In Detail ...

A628 Woodhead Pass
Gun Inn to Flouch Roundabout

Manchester Connectors
A57 Mottram Moor
Gun Inn to J4/M67

Yorkshire Connectors
A628 Penistone
Penistone to Hoylandswaine
Low Bridge 4.1m (13ft 6in)

Weather affected roads

CLOSED, Snow A57 Snake Pass, Derbyshire

CLOSED, Snow A53, Flash

CLOSED, Flooding Fordstead Lane, Barnby Dun

CLOSED, Flooding Slash Lane, Mountsorrel

CLOSED, Snow A66 between A67 near Bowes & A685, Durham

CLOSED, Snow A66 between A685 & A67 near Bowes, Cumbria

Snow & Ice & Strong Winds over Pennine Routes

Snow & Ice around Greater Manchester

Snow & Ice around South Yorkshire

Snow & Ice around Cheshire

Snow & Ice around West Yorkshire

Snow & Ice around Derbyshire

Snow & Ice around Nottinghamshire

Snow & Ice around Staffordshire

Snow & Ice around North Lincolnshire

Snow & Ice around Leicestershire

Further Afield

Regional Traffic: Moderate
Accident Rate: Very Low

DVSA/VOSA Vehicle Checks
12:52 M6 Carlisle

Last Incident on Mon 12 Mar
A628 Woodhead Pass, Mottram In Longdendale
5:36pm 12-Mar - 9:49pm 12-Mar
A628 Woodhead Pass both ways closed, heavy traffic due to multi-vehicle accident between A57 Mottram Moor (Gun Inn Traffic Lights, Mottram in Longdendale) and A616 (Flouch Roundabout, Langsett).
Snow Closures Winter 17/18
Wed 13 Dec 22:02 (3 hours)
Tue 26 Dec 09:12 (4 hours)
Tue 16 Jan 21:24 (14 hours)
Wed 28 Feb 23:55 (60 hours)

E&OE: We compile these reports from live data automatically received from various organisations such as Elgin, TfGM, Highways England, motoring organisations, Local Authorities, the Met Office & the Police. We are unable to verify the accuracy or timeliness of any third party data or absence thereof. This site is, therefore, for information only

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About this Page

This page is part of Glossop Online's Traffic Section. It provides up to the minute information for anyone planning a journey over the A628 Woodhead Pass

The Pass: The Woodhead Pass is one of our major trans-pennine crossings - the main signposted non-motorway route from Manchester to Sheffield and Barnsley. Despite its importance, it remains single-carriageway for virtually its entire length. For our purposes, we define the Pass as the section of road between the Gun Inn traffic lights at Hollingworth (to the west) and the Flouch Inn roundabout at the A616 junction (to the east)

Woodhead Pass from the Gun Inn at Hollingwirth to Flouch Inn at Langsett
Woodhead Pass from the Gun Inn to Flouch Inn

The Whole Picture: Woodhead is the main alternative to the M62 trans-pennine motorway, so this page also reports problems on the main A628 feeder routes between the M1 on the Sheffield side (A616, A61) and the M60 on the Manchester side (A57, M67). We'll also tell you about any major motorway incidents to ease your onward journey

How this page works: Our servers receive live data from various sources about any accidents, roadworks or other disruption throughout the region. This information is processed in real time and relevant reports sent to this page every minute. As a Highways England managed trunk road, we are also able to access data from traffic sensors along the route which allow us to provide up to the minute reports on congestion, queues and travel times

Buried Traffic Sensor

Accuracy: This page is fully automated - we don't stand around with a clipboard waiting for something to happen! Traffic sensor data and travel times are pretty much real time, but can change significantly minute by minute. Incidents, accidents and road closures rely on the Police, highways & local authorities reporting these in a timely manner. That said, experience shows most reports come through within just a few minutes

Bad Weather: The pass rises to over 1450ft at its exposed summit. It can frequently be affected by ice, snow, fog and strong winds. The policy (yes, there is a policy) is to close the pass to high sided vehicles when gusts at the Windle Edge weather station reach 50mph & to all vehicles at 60mph. Highways England have installed snow gates which are closed when the road is blocked by snow, as many drivers do tend to ignore the signs and take a chance

Snow gates are used to close the pass in winter

When appropriate, we include severe weather warnings on this page and live adverse weather data from nearby weather stations. For advance planning, we also include details of any poor weather over the next few days when this is forecast by the Met Office Mountain Weather Service

The Longdendale Slog: Traffic using the Woodhead Pass joins - and is a major contributor to - the Longdendale Slog, a notorious traffic pinch point around the village of Mottram in Longdendale. On average, 34,000 vehicles travel along Mottram Moor, 2500 of which are HGVs [2014]. From early morning to early evening you will find yourself sat in a queue here, 10 minutes if you are lucky, but well over an hour at peak times. Enyoy the scenery!

The Longdendale Slog at Mottram Moor

We hope you find this page useful. Remember, you can get also get live updates on our Twitter feed and Facebook page

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Have a safe journey

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